Nuclear Fallout

Date: 1/27/2017

By biscuit

I was with a group of acquaintances, in a sort of school. It was a boarding school, I think, since there were lots of student apartments. I don't remember exactly what happened, but there was a nuclear attack on the school. My friends and I managed to survive, and we had to explore the ruins to find supplies and stuff. I became the sort of thief of the group, taking all the keys I found and being really sneaky. Some people had developed the power to control machines with their minds, so they were the DPS. I eventually found the janitorial closet, which was a huge jackpot, because it had a copy of every key on campus in some convenient folders. I also found some documents that seemed to indicate that the janitor would kidnap children and imprison them in between walls until they died there. I was glad he died in the blast. Earlier in the dream, I was separated from my group, and I went to search for them in the remains of a large tower that had fallen over. I found the surviving faculty, who I quickly hid from. One of them noticed me, so I quickly sat against a wall and pretended to be out cold. He bought it, and interrogated me at gunpoint. I emptied my pockets, and proved that I had no weapons, and he seemed to be satisfied until he saw the gun that I had accidentally sat down right next to. He tried firing it, but the bullet just sort of fell out of the chamber, and so he believed me. In another dream, I was in Japan for the weekend, and I was having a hard time driving. I somehow ended up driving a car up a staircase or something, and some old lady gave me the stinkeye.