Fight to the death

Date: 6/14/2017

By wanda1316

I was at a camp, I think, with several of my friends and other people our age and younger. We were about to play a game in an open field next to a forest. I was laying down on the grass because I was tired and didn't want to play, but I was urged to get up. Everyone had grabbed a spear of a different color. I looked into the distance and saw one spear with a green tip left. I was the last one to get my weapon, and the game had already started. This game was actually dangerous. Apparently we were actually trying to kill each other. We started out on teams, but there could only be one winner. We would die when we were stabbed with a spear, but after the game we would be resurrected. It was still terrifying to feel the pain of death. I had to go get my spear, and the other team was waiting for me to run there so they could try and kill me. One of them was a young boy possibly 10 years old, and he particularly looked malicious. My teammates kind of chuckled when I stated, uncertainly, that I really had to go. 2 of the boys of my team decided to help me out, and they ran ahead of me to create a distraction. Then I ran to get my weapon. Once I got there the young boy threw his spear at me, barely missing. I then threw my spear at him, also barely missing. Then I had to grab my spear and run back to my team. My plan was to run into the forest alone. Then I thought I should form an alliance with my team members. I could get 3 other people and we could watch each other's backs.