Sims 4 and Christmas

Date: 1/25/2017

By fairyfina

So I was playing sims 4, when it was Christmas so my female sim wanted to surprise her husband at work. At first, she dressed up in a huge princess/ball gown get up with a huge amount of stuff floating around her, but then I put her in a Santa suit. I could not actually find something anymore romantic, despite my wishes. So, she can't take the beach because there's rolling boulders and it's not allowed, so even though she's not supposed to use magic her elf ears appear and she flies a Griffon to her husbands work. On the way there, the griffons head extends so she's not sitting on his ears. At work, the husband was supposedly asleep, but as the wife arrived here and saw that she could buy things for Christmas, mainly gifts. So she does, and She gets cookies and milk, and a strange Christmas present maker. The. It turns out her husband was not asleep at work, and he comes down to the lobby/kitchen like wtf are you doing here. She explains kind of awkwardly, and the. He thanks her and they get along happily ever after. Then I begrudgingly wake up. Note: somehow, this is not the first time I've had this dream.