Cez Presents: The Common's Club

Date: 8/31/2019

By Yurilolita

I dreamt that I was using a heritage app to find more of my family. I found a side of my family that I had never known, and was invited for dinner by them. However when I came over for dinner, I found that the family was rude and unruly enough to bring me to tears. Tearfully, I realized I bought a ticket to go to them, but didn't have enough money to get back home. I ran away the next day, leaving everything behind me. I reached an abandoned building and planned to stay there until I could raise enough money to leave. I decided to start cleaning the building, until others began to take notice. According to the locals, it was an old abandoned building on a schools property. Some of the students became interested in my project, and I pulled up a lie and said I was creating a clubhouse for the school and that I was a student here too. They gleefully decided to join in with the cleaning and reconstruction of the home. However, teachers became weary after more and more interest became of the building. They claimed it was unsteady and a potential liability with students running through it. However the students rebelled dubbing the house The Commons, and naming their club The Common's Club. They fought their teachers and their parents by living in it, and refusing to leave. Naturally, this only intensified until there was a standoff between the children's club, and a wrecking ball. The children wept inside, fearing for their lives but also the fate of their beloved clubhouse. I decided that it was enough to frighten the children, and invited the teachers inside. When the parents and the teachers entered the building they were impressed by the dramatic change the building went through, and agreed to keep it open for the kids. When I explained I was living in it because I had no way of getting back home, the teachers foundation pitched together the funds I needed. The children waved goodbye as I hopped on the next bus. And then I woke up.