Part Lucid, Part false awaking/lucid nightmare (idk which)

Date: 2/19/2017

By JayTheFox

Now guys, i don't know if it was a lucid dream or not because what happened is is i woke up and fell back asleep and i went back into the same dream i was in before And then i said outloud: wait this is a dream because i remember this setting. And then i was like IM LUCID NOW! And i dreampt up a vagina to test it, and yes a vagina popped up. I was like ok let's go to a forest area, and at that moment, the dream started drifting away, and then, i heard a very high frequency like BEEEEEEEP like right in my ear and i was like ah fuck and i was trying to get up, and my body was very heavy. i almost had sleep paralysis inside this false awakening. I go out into the living room, look into the extras room to find a bar that existed only in the last dream, and i was looking back into the living room to find a robot with saws slowly drift towards me from the kitchen. i ran into the extra room like a little bitch and laid down behind the bar. The robot then walked into the extra room and said TARGET LOST