Ouch my wrist

Date: 6/17/2017

By AisDareth

So I had a dream I was finally going to my first concert ever - Trans Siberian orchestra. The night before, I somehow tripped and fell on my wrist. my hand was only attached by muscle and skin. out of my wrist jutted a broken bone from a creepy dark bleeding oval that was my wrist. But it only hurt if I touched it. I tried to go to an overnight walk in clinic, but none were open. I tried to find an overnight ER, but by that time, the lady told me the regular hospital hours opened at 9am, and I could check in then and avoid paying the extra ER fees. it was like 7am and I had already gone all night, I figured I could wait two hours. My friend called me and told me I was going to be late to the concert. I explained my situation. Friend was just like "Weeeell if you don't make it, I'm not waiting for you." Don't remember much past that :) I woke up checking my wrist to see if the bone was sticking out.