drugs and funeral?

Date: 2/25/2017

By ebearcoons

in this dream i went out with my friends who happened to be my actual friends PLUS the cast of "new girl." i thought we were just going to a movie but eventually i realized we were headed to some like vacant overpass thing were the druggies hang out and smoke...i wasn't so into this, but my dream self is easily persuaded, so i got into it. nick (like new girl nick) told me "everything would be alright" and we "didn't have to do anything if we didn't want to" so i was like ok, free comedy show i get to watch and laugh at everyone else being high and I'll just chill. so when we got there that was my plan, just chill. but as the night on i started feeling weirder and weirder, and soon nick realized he'd given me the weed brownies not the normal ones like i asked...i didn't think this was an accident and got very upset, but soon happiness hit me all at once, and i was no longer mad at nick, i was in love with him. and we just randomly danced together in a state of who knows what. next thing i know i see marko and matt davis walk up to us and scream "cocaine ain't for bitches!" and ran off. then i got angry with nick, because i thought the only thing going on at the deal was weed, and he "reassured" me this was the case. but next thing i know i see another one of my friends who was quite chubby and in my dream i named "jimmy butler" i guess because the night before that nba basketball player was on the episode of tanked we were watching, FELL OFF THE OVERPASS! he landed SMACK on the ground but was still conscious and alive. we called 911 and they came and got him. at this time i woke up slightly and then went back to sleep. after this brief intermission, my dream cut to JIMMY BUTLER'S FUNERAL. however, jimmy butler was NOT in his casket, he was sitting on the first pew. apparently doctors had declared jimmy butler "alive by his own will" so if jimmy laid down and decided to die, he could. this "funeral" was almost more a rally to convince him not to, but jimmy was ready, he wanted to go and he said we couldn't stop him. we were all crying and yelling and jimmy wouldn't listen, he laid down in that casket, and the doctor declared him dead. i had lost it, and so had everyone else. 5 hours later we all still there and out of the corner of my eye i see the casket shake. i screamed and soon the doctor pulled it open...DEAD JIMMY POPPED OUT. i was TERRIFIED and screamed at the top of my lungs. jimmy looked at all of us and said, in unison with the doctor "IT WAS JUST A PRANK BRO!" and then i woke up.