Witch With A Penchant for Squatting

Date: 6/7/2017

By Fitful

I was with friends and drunk, we were drinking and having a good time. This dream has three parts which happens simultaneously. As I was drunk and laughing with friends I was aware of a little old lady, a Witch, who came into my house. I let her stay, it seemed she needed somewhere to go. I went back to my drinking and laughing. I think we were celebrating the play we just performed. I began to perform the play while laughing with friends and the interaction with the old woman. It all happened at the same time, different setting. The old woman kept trying on my girlfriend/mom?'s clothes. She stayed a lot longer than I thought she would. It felt like weeks passed, but we were still in those moments of laughter and drinking and the theater show we performed. I was growing a bit irritated she kept wearing those clothes tho, it felt more and more wrong. Finally I decided to encourage her to go. She didn't like that much and refused. She brought up law suits. I found our she stole a hundred dollars from me and I really kicked her out , but she refused to go. Something stuck her here, a spell. She laughed as I tried to get rid of her. She had a purse and inside the middle pocket was a long slender case wet with something dark and more liquid inside. The liquid burnt like acid straight through the window sill when I accidentally spilt it. I tipped the thing out the window, some voice near my head told me to, and it splattered down the stories to the cement below. Finally I was free, and could toss her out. I found tons of money in her purse thousands and thousands of dollars. She did this to a lot of people. I took a thousand dollar bull, then a 1500 dollar bill and left the rest, tossing it out the window with the woman. She attacked me, saying she would attack my partner and there would be law suits. I dared her to just try. I found myself feeling very protective of my girlfriend. The witch did leave.