Uber Snails

Date: 1/24/2017

By melissakitty

My brother and dad were visiting me in London and we were trying to get from Dulwich/Peckham to Bethnal Green for some gig that I thought the two would be into. My dad wanted to organise getting an Uber cause he thought the bus was going to take too long, and my brother and I were trying to score some hash for us all to smoke at the show. Now get this - to order the Uber and score hash at the same time you had to peel open these snail shells and get to whatever was on the inside. My brother had 3, he gave them to me to peel but all 3 were mouldy and had little grubs inside, which really irritated me! I felt under pressure to sort everything out quickly, so in the end just decided to order an uber through the phone. I was going to use mine but had no money in my bank account and then I woke up.