Peeing, biting and big black blowjobs

Date: 5/10/2019

By levinelover

Me and Michelle came to a place that looked like a club but less lit. 3 guys were peeing on the floor! I thought Michelle would find one of them hot, she looked at the two average looking ones and asked which one was hot. The last one was INSANELY tall guy I knew holding gold chains wearing a stylish black muscle tank with a white symbol all over it named Cornel. He was somehow being blocked at first so we couldn’t see him until they moved. Michelle asked if I was “into that kinda stuff” pointing at something in the room. I immediately said “I’m not into a single person in this entire building” cause I wasn’t attracted to anyone there. Then I saw she was pointing to a seat that LeLe Pons was on lying on Hunter from high school while him and Bella Thorne cooovered her on bite marks. I laughed and said “yess I’m into that kinda stuff, I love being bit”. Mari started sucking cornels dick which was HUGE. I ignored it and pretended like it wasn’t happening cause I didn’t wanna talk about it to Michelle. Hunter asked if there was any penetration going on out there and we said no. He said it took forever calming shit down and we asked why he even bothered especially when he was the one biting lele with Bella Thorne 🤷🏼‍♀️