Being thrown back in time

Date: 7/1/2019

By avuniverse

This dream starts with two pixies flying around. One is white with silver wings and black hair with a bob cut. The other has sparkly pink wings with a lime green and pink dress. They fly to a building, which was sorta like their usually meeting place with other pixies like them. It looked like an old cathedral on a cliff. It’s walls were a faded shade of teal and salmon, probably meaning that it had been abandoned for a while. But the two pixies are suddenly stopped when a whole crowd of other pixies slowly walk towards the door. For some reason these pixies didn’t have wings. After a few minutes the silver pixie gets tired of how slow the group is walking and says “Can y’all go any slower?” They turn around and all put on a frozen sinister smile on their face and lunge towards the silver and pink pixies. The silver pixie quickly grabbed onto her friend and shot up into the sky. They landed on the building and watched as the wingless pixies try to jump and reach the roof. On the roof they saw something in the distance. It was a pixie. She had a huge round dress that was pattered with blue and silver loops and flowers and had short black hair that ended before her shoulders. This blue pixie was trying to get into the cathedral by entering tiny secret doors on the rooftop but had no luck. When she turned around to take a break from her struggling, the silver and pink pixie noticed that she was wingless. They immediately put up their defenses and she let out an evil cackle. The blue pixie and the others below the cathedral are evil pixies that have unknown intentions but want something within the building. She tried reciting a spell to force her way into the secret door. “Oo-oopa-oo.” No luck. She summoned her pigeon to keep the silver and pink pixies from interfering but the two flew past the pigeon and pushed the evil blue pixie off the edge of the roof. They tried reciting that same spell to get into the cathedral but nothing happened. That’s when another pixie came along. He had wings and an Afro and was wearing an aquamarine polo shirt with red colors and blue shorts. He recited the spell but instead said “oo-ooka-oo.” He went in. BUT THEN THIS IS WHERE I COME INTO THE DREAM AND I SAID OO-OOKA-OO AND I GOT INTO THR CATHEDRAL BUT THIS IS WHEN THE STORY CHANGES. I fell from the ceiling of the cathedral but stopped right before I hit the floor. I recited a spell that stopped me from falling to my death. It felt like I heard someone whisper to me what to say. When I got up there was a whole crowd looking back at me, but no questions were asked. As if this was a normal thing. Everyone looked strangely familiar. I saw my old friend Edgar. Some other upper class men that already graduated the year before me. I saw Eano and Shane and Javier and other students from my high school. I saw Dafnet and she came up to me but she looked younger than before. I could tell because she put all her hair back into a ponytail, even her bangs. Dafnet used to wear her hair like that in middle school and freshman year. She was wearing some weird cultist outfit. So was I. Everyone in the room was wearing the same black and white robe. I forgot my exact conversation with her, but I know that she also noticed the familiar faces. I was glad to know she wasn’t a part of the simulation we were in. At this point in the dream I’m not surprised about what happens next. Some giant panels were warped into the middle of the room and they formed giant hexagon-shaped screens that had Just Dance on there. I danced a little. The other people in the cathedral were walking around and playing other games on the screens. I even saw Patrick break dancing on Just Dance. That’s when I heard it. It sounded familiar. Someone was playing the saxophone but it was a song so familiar to me that it couldn’t be a song from this year. I know I was in the past. I left through a door that took me to a hallway. It was the same hallway from my high school. But everything also looked different. It was bigger and the walls looked more aged than how I remember them. There were less students walking around. I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing my freshman attire: a weird graphic t-shirt and cargo shorts. I was now certain I was thrown back in time. Next to the bathroom was ramp leading to somewhere behind it. I walked through and saw a massive sewage way. I was amazed and also disgusted that this was all behind the bathroom. In the distance I saw a PE teacher making his students run down the sewage way in my direction. I quietly went back the way I came and back into the hallway. That’s when I saw Kenny. I haven’t seen him in so long and was so happy to see him. He was walking outside the hallway with a friend that didn’t look familiar to me. Kenny was sporting his freshman mohawk with bleached highlights but it was longer than usual. His bangs are never longer than two inches but this time they were flat down and slightly drooped towards his brows. Him and his friend walked through a door that led to the outside. It was cloudy and raining. I didn’t know what the weather was going to be like but for some reason it felt like it was sunny right before I went outside. What was even weirder is that the main campus hallway I was in led to the west campus garden. I followed Kenny until his friend left. I was on a ramp and Kenny was a few feet away from me. I yelled out “KENNY!” He didn’t hear me the first few times but then turned around. I didn’t know what to say to him without making it weird. So I told him, “We’re going to be great friends.” It was awkward either way so I added, “your cousin told me so” to make it less strange for him. I walked up closer to him and said, “It’s going to be me, you, Aladria, Dafnet, and some other people. We’re all going to be super close.” I started crying. This dream felt so real. One of my closest friends didn’t know who I was or the other people I was talking about. He tried comforting me but it didn’t help. I had only began to get close with them my senior year and I didn’t want to have start all over. I even saw Dezh and pointed her out to Kenny and mentioned Sonae. He still had no clue. The last thing I remember before I woke up was Kenny walking me back to main campus.