Jake miller

Date: 4/23/2017

By KingZzZ

He was staying over a place for some reason. or more like my mom's place. my whole family was there. it was getting late. we had all been drinking but everyone went off to bed except me and him. it was so hard for me to resist him as he sat across from me. telling me about how all his past relationships were nothing but women trying to use him. he lays his head on the table and let's his arms fall across the table. he's so close to me now I tell myself it's ok to touch him. I notice his hands are kind of ashy. so I just put my hands to his. holding them everso gently not to scare him. he looks up and asks what. doing. I laugh and tell him his hands are ashy. he says yeah as he sat takes them back. I get up and he looks as if he believes he's offended me. but I come back with my lotion. rub a good amount on my hands and then grab his again. he doesn't hesitate this time. I caress them gently but firmly within my own, you know to make sure his hands stay nice and smooth. he looks at me and says, this feels weird. I look him dead in the eyes and say yeah I know with a smirk. so he smirks too. this is only part one of the dream btw ;)