2nd dream about him

Date: 5/17/2019

By Lycoris

Another dream about my ex friend. I'm in university and I live in a dorm with some other girls who are my roomates. I don't have many friends at university so its lonely for me. We have a pool on school grounds and my roommate convinces me to go swimming. We get there and a bunch of guys are already in the pool and messing around with eachother having fun. I jump in and just swim around. Someone splashes me. Its him. I try to avoid him by swimming somewhere else, but he splashes me again. This time I splash him back. We just start playing, and for a moment I forget what he did and why I was mad. Then someone blows a whistle, snapping me back to reality and signaling the closing of the pool. I get out, with him behind me. He tries to hold my hand. Funny how he thinks thats all it will take for me to forgive him. I shake my hand out of his and continue to leave. He tries to stop me and ask me where I'll go. I tell him no where and leave him behind.