Inside a game

Date: 8/21/2017

By contactsilence

A man approached me and he is quite dignified in his civilian military coat. He remembers me and I saw his hand. His handshake is loose and gentile and want to tell him I recognize him but I do not yet know from where. I moved to another area and he is by my side and moves my chair so that I may sit comfortably. I take the chair he set aside for me and noted it was a high backed, solid wood chair. I imagine it was carved well. It had a dark green leather seat. Unfortunately, after not too long, I have to find another chair because I'm quite uncomfortable. As I am walking to this lower, well cushioned chair, also dark green leather, there is a turn of events A female terrorist is in the building. She has short red hair. I am aware this is part of a game and I am not up to playing, so I Leave the room without being spotted. I was aware I can change the outcome of the scenario; I had done that once before . One wrong move, I realized, and I would be spotted. I further contemplated if my capture would lead to physical harm yet I felt fairly certain it wouldn't. The other players were not aware it was a game. I walked to the more beautiful area of the park with music, bright, soft glowing pink panels with water flowing as though it were a new style of theme park. It was astonishingly beautiful, like some expensive casino gimmick with a water show like the Bellagio but instead, water was spouting from the walls and the indoor floor. I grew concerned when I became aware I was walking on slick, illuminated tiles that were wet from the water spouting up in this indoor water show. I felt guilty I was there without my husband, because it was so nice and he would miss it.