Date: 7/24/2017

By Bradleyp1234

I was by my door. I see my mom at the end of the hallway saying there's a titan (from attack on titan). She then slips down the stairs. I quickly slip down too. My basement looks completely remodelled, and we hide in the back corner of this weird basement. I go upstairs and into my room for no reason, except my mom just disappeared. I see a titan outside my window and I run to the corner, only for some sort of wind trying to pull me back. I break free and hide In the corner. I'm now in my living room with my mom and my sister. I go outside to see the deck broken. There was only some boards left . To our amazement, my 2 dogs are still there. It is now spitting outside. In my living room me and my dad have a fight. I have fire powers now and my dad has Something. My dad charges like the armoured titan breaking wall Maria, and I cloak my fists in fire