Don't shoot, it's just a bedroom

Date: 8/15/2017

By Jdrs132

So I'm in my room, when shots start going off. I can't see where they're coming from, but I can hear them. I look outside and see my old boss with her two kids walking down the street. At this point my bedroom starts do something strange, and flies in an elliptical arc around the street. She sees this, and start pulling out a gun to protect herself. I open the shutters, And start banging on the window to tell her not to shoot. She starts to put the gun away and I snap to make the bedroom stop. At this point I'm beginning to become lucid. The real kicker is that I just fly out of my window, despite the glass. I talk to her for a bit before saying "look what I can do" and flying up to my window and partially phasing through it, guess I can't go to fast because of low mastery over lucidity. But nevertheless I phase through, enjoying my lucid state. My brain tries to trick me at the end by playing on the fact that no one else is around and I can float, so I find a skeleton in a drawer, but I close the drawer because I know this is a dream and I don't fall for it.