chaotic scenes

Date: 7/29/2019

By DistinctBearVII

my vision was third person, moving freely and focused on a car that I seem to control using just my thought, on a dim street, no one's around, almost dormant at midnight. I was being chased, by a black vehicle. its headlight streamed towards my direction and throttle around in madness. I was hitting everywhere, yet my car undamaged. My vision switched, to first person, holding a grenade in my hand and being chased by a horde. They all ran swiftly, faster than I could. I had no choice but to utilize my only weapon at the moment. I threw it above me, hoping it would explode as soon as they reach at my spot, but it hit something and propelled towards me. my view, all white and faded. suddenly my I gained clarity, an image or a scene, of two individuals. The dentist and a bulked man, terrific and intimidating physique. The dentist made a minor mistake, and the man gazed at him, controlling his boiling frustration. In a split second, it flickered and the scene shifted. "Let me teach you how it's done", they switched places. the man, with his murky tone. "No-- please", The dentist in despair, his skin slowly being peeled by the horrifying and muscular hand of the man. "I was-" "Shhh-- brittle and frail skin-- almost delicate to peel" slowly carving the dentist face, with a sharp tool. ~woke up