Digital art, A group of cousins go fishing on a sunny beach, but one of them disappears after being eaten by a giant fish, only to reappear several times, leading them to discover that he is able to teleport in and out of the fish's stomach.

Lost my little cousin to the sea😭🌊

Date: 2/16/2019

By ChefRiggs

I get to the beach with my little cousins and a girl my age named Lindsay Marko. My three little cousins are super excited to go fishing with me. The sun is shining and the water is as clear as glass. I hand out the fishing poles and we spread out along the waters edge. My youngest cousin, the age of 5, goes to the end because he sees a splash. I go with him to see what’s over there. When I get closer I can see huge fish resembling sharks in the water. All of the fish in the water are massive! Lindsay sees a small shark about 4ft long and tells me to go cast by it and catch it so I do. My littlest cousin casts by this gigantic fish as big as a bus. I’m worried that he might get pulled in so I tell him “If it’s too strong, you should just let go of the pole.” He nods with a big smile on his face. I go back to fishing but a few moments later I notice that he decided to swim out there to see them closer. He’s only about 10 feet from the waters edge when the large fish he’s was trying to catch sees him. I’m running to him, yelling to him to get out of the water but it’s too late. The fish swallows him up. I try to swim out to it but the fish gets away. I come back to shore distraught and Lindsay comforts me. A few moments later, when I think there is no hope, my cousin reappears in front of us as if he had never been eaten. I run over and hug him and ask him how he got away. He looks up at me. “I didn’t.” He says quietly. He disappears from my arms right before my eyes. “I don’t understand! What is going on?!” I yelled. Lindsay replies “I don’t know. We’ll figure this out.” As she hugs me. Another few minutes go by as we wait by the beach for the possibility of my cousins return. Finally, it happens again! My cousin returns in another spot on the beach. We run over to him before he has a chance to disappear again. I ask him “Where do you go?! How are you coming back? Help us find you.” He replies nervously, “It’s dark and wet. I think I’m in the fish but then I come back.” Before he could say anymore, he disappears again. How is he doing this. I’m so confused. He’s in the fish one minute and back on the beach the next. It’s like he’s able to teleport for a short period of time but he’s not able to control when, where, or for how long. We patiently wait for him to return again and again, each time his visits getting longer. The details he provides us help confirm our theory that he was some how teleporting out of the fish but dragged back. Each time he returned his stays got longer until eventually he didn’t have to go back. We decided to head home because we had had enough fishing for one day. We walk up the beach back to our little banana leaf shack we called home. As the sun set on the watery horizon I started a fire to match the burning orange and red colors in the sky. I cooked some fish and we sang some songs before quietly drifting off to sleep.

AI generated interpretation The dream can be interpreted in different ways, but one possible meaning is that it reflects your deep concern and affection for your little cousin, as well as your desire to protect him from potential dangers or harm. The sea can symbolize the vast and unpredictable aspects of life, and the fish can represent the unknown or hidden forces that may threaten us. Fishing can be interpreted as a way to seek knowledge or insights about these forces or to confront them directly. The presence of Lindsay, who is your age, can represent a sense of companionship and solidarity that you may seek in facing challenges or exploring new territories. The fact that she encourages you to catch a small shark can be interpreted as a symbol of your willingness to take risks or to test your abilities to overcome obstacles. However, the juxtaposition of the small shark and the huge fish, as well as the warning you give to your little cousin about letting go of the pole if it becomes too strong, suggests that you are aware of the potential dangers. The moment when your little cousin gets swallowed by the fish can provoke intense emotions of shock, grief and guilt, which are natural reactions to the loss of someone dear to us. You may feel responsible for not being able to protect him or for encouraging him to go too far. However, the fact that he reappears unharmed suggests that there may be a way to overcome the loss or the fear of loss. The possibility of teleportation, which can be read as a metaphor for the power of the imagination or the will to transcend boundaries, suggests that there may be hidden resources or strengths that can help us cope with difficult situations or transcend limitations. The ending of the dream, when you and your cousins sing songs and cook fish around the fire, can evoke a sense of comfort and belonging, as well as a sense of shared memories and experiences that may bond you together. The fact that you fall asleep implies a sense of peace or relaxation after a period of uncertainty or challenge. Overall, the dream can be seen as a reflection of your deep emotional connections and aspirations, as well as your courage to navigate the uncertain waters of life.