monster house

Date: 5/20/2017

By LucidSlyFox

I was in my house with my these people who were my family and my brother was there but we were able to turn into monster during the the phases of the day but it was first time so i didint know what my monsters were so the first time i turned into a phoenix and i was able to fly then my brother whent into his room and closed the door so i wanted to mess with him and knock on his door so i started flying up the stairs but i accidently steped on one and sence he turned into a wolf he heared it and i flew downstairs into the kitchen to hide but he found me and hit me then i then went out and saw my sister playing with toys and some woman watching tv on the couch (not sure how we were related) then me and my sister started stairing at each other with these evil looks on our face and these evil smiles but we weren't going to hurt each other then i started laughing insanely like i was completely crazy when i stoped i noticed the woman on the couch was smiling like it was normal for me to do it then i tried to fly back upstairs but i couldn't i just stood there then i transformed into my second monster and i fidint know what it was so my grandmother who knows everything gave me a mirror to see what i looked like and she told me i transformed into a half blood i thought i looked really cool then i woke up.