Weird dream | Trying to vaccinate a dog by the ass 🐶

Date: 2/21/2017

By richilye

I was in the streets, there were some traveling merchants there, lots of dogs and a building in the back that looked like a city hall. I don't remember much. I was walking around then some girl asked me to help her vascinate a dog, it seemed likeit was a street dog, not hers. I tried catching the dog by myself, but it was always being able to run away, then she said she would hold it while I applied the vacine. She caught it and was holding him, then she said "put it in his ass, becareful", then she turned him and showed me it's ass. I tried applying it, but the dog wouldn't stop moving, every time it looked at me, I stoped trying, as I thought it would bite me. I said something to her about it biting me, the she said that the male ones will actually bite if they see you applying it, but females don't, 'cos apparently female dogs don't mind when you put it in their ass. The dog we were trying to apply the vacine was male, then I held a part of his neck, to restrict it's movements and I was able to apply it. END