i was a killer spy at a concert

Date: 7/7/2017

By mimirocks223

Had a dream i was passing by asian concert but the stage began to be liften by the audience and then all of a sudden someone came out of nowhere telling me it was a mission to kill him ( the singer) and everyone on that stage and they did LOWKEY with like bows and arrows and stuff because i guess they were spies and then i remember the singer like fell off the stage into the crowd (noone caught him) and i had the perfect chance to kill him so i stepped on his face and made pretend it was by accident so i ran out the crowd (sara was with me) and i opened a door and it ended uo being a head quarters for these spies. I was really scared but kind of unaffected i was mostly just scared about the consequences. Then there was a group of 5 sitting down or something i think alexis and grace was there too and there was a lady telling us how we did a good job and we qualify for becoming spies and we would get awards and stuff. Grace really wanted to good deed award so she was with it. But then the lady told us we would have to get plastic surgery to look exactly like her for this job and i was like ehhhhhhhhhg idkkkk if i can do it bla bla i wasnt really with it. I alsoo remember going to an airport or something and a supermarket eating cookie dough icecream