John Watson's friend, random party, hockey w/O watching

Date: 6/14/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

* Extended title of these dreams: John Watson's room, baby shower for random person, lunch with Sherlock and John, crowded restroom in the middle of the lunch, potions with (someone, maybe/probably O. V.) and then a weird game of hockey with the same person watching. I remember a lot of vivid dreams (3-5 or so, I'm not sure how to separate how many dreams I have each night as they usually all blend together for me) from last night and am able to remember them and many small details really well which makes me so happy. My dream recall is definitely improving. Also it's great that I'm actually writing them in this time. * First thing I remember is walking through a huge field of grass towards a short building. On my way to it I saw two pieces of paper on the ground, both of which related to the person I was going towards and who I knew worked at this building. One paper was orange and I remember what it looked like and that it said that his request to stop working here (idk what to call that) had been accepted/confirmed and I remember tucking it into my right sleeve. I think I was wearing my favorite gray jacket or some other random jacket (come to think, the sleeves kind of looked like Sherlock's coat). Anyway, the other paper (more like packet of papers like a pamphlet) was white and contained some other personal information of my friend, so I picked it up too and tucked it into my left sleeve. I'm not sure if I planned to look at them later or return them to my friend but I didn't show him, although they came up later in the dream (which btw is really cool, the part they come back in is quite a bit later in the dream and may even be called that it's in a different dream entirely by how different most things were). About the building I was headed to, it looked like a school on the outside but when I reach it, it's like a hotel room inside. I reach the window and can walk or climb inside easily. My friend John Watson is on the right side of the room working on his laptop on the (hotel-like) table and he seems genuinely really happy that I've showed up. I say "hi" in what sounds kind of awkward and not how I would sound in real life but also sounds happy and I'm so glad to see him. I set down the backpack I was apparently wearing to my left and remember/realize that it's a really small room and the backpack takes up a lot of space. Anyway, John is glad I've arrived and also I think he was wearing pink or blue, maybe purple long-sleeve button-up shirt. I remember that the entering this room scene happens again in my dreams last night, and they may have been back to back or far apart over the dream but this happy moment of reaching John happened twice. Next thing I remember happening after that, party baby shower thing and lunch and hanging out with Sherlock and John