rebirth dream

Date: 1/27/2017

By jodimork

This dream has been with me all day because of what I know it means. I was with friends I had in my twenties, thirties and my Dad and visiting old places that somehow I knew were places I had lived it I didn't recognize them initially. My Dad was with me the entire dream and the whole feel of the dream was very nostalgic- I don't remember exactly what all we were doing, but we were packing things up, saying goodbye to people and solving questions that had been there for a very long time. The general feel was so good throughout the whole dream and we were going back and forth through 2 locations that were both decorated kind of old fashioned, like the seventies or eighties. Then at the very end, as my Dad and I were about the leave, my friend brought me a baby girl that I knew was my child and she was giving me the child to keep. I remember just thinking I couldn't believe I finally got to keep her but then also knowing that she should have been about 4 by now.