Date: 7/26/2016

By stefdrms

In my dream my friend shared texts with her boyfriend decreasing the money he gave her for their daughter to use on Amazon to 11 dollars. She opens a fridge up to show me it is full with liquid laundry detergent and softener. I see her daughter. My dream moved on to being in front of the school and seeing Maddie and we were texting and hearts lots of heart very flirty and unusual I am his employee. My dream then goes into a room, more of a suite, with several people whom I do not know. I dreamt that my boss undressed me and proceeded to fuck my doggy style in front of people. I almost never have sexual dreams , it stands out to when I do. I remember enjoying it. Soon after we were done I got up . We were in a magical room it seemed I had to tall glasses with crystal growing out of them and little lights adorning the glass. I said to someone my pet that had deceased was turned into this crystal and they commended me for it and the lights saying the descended love lights that I saved him. I picked up a wooden fake black snake I started swaying it side to side. Before I knew it the snakes turned into a real one. A black mamba according to my dream. In my dream this wasn't abnormal. Maybe we were witches? I quickly grab it by its head as to not get bit. It opens its mouth up very wide and we are just marveling its insides of the mouth the fangs its tongue. Someone takes a picture. I then loose control of the snake and it comes out of hand . We are frantic it will attack and its lost in our suit looking for it. We saw it retreat into the water. Coiled up wanting to not be bothered I got close and saw two more snakes on the floor. Different. There ends looked like black vapor the faster they moved. I awoke.