Date: 4/22/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

I was in my bed and it was dark. I think I was trying to sleep Suddenly this girl was in my room with me and I thought she was really hot and she was also very horny. She had pencil straight black hair and was wearing some very slutty/skimpy clothes and red lipstick. She started dirty talking and telling me she wants to jerk me off suck my dick and make me cum. I was getting really turned on from her but for some reason I thought it was very bad to have sex with this girl because she was cursed or something. She was on her knees over me telling me how bad she wanted me and what she was going to do But I tried to ignore her and not listen. It was like something bad would happen to me if I had sex with her But it wasnt working I got super hard and my heart was racing and I couldnt take it much longer. I kept trying to ignore her I put a pillow over my head but I couldnt take it anymore every cell in my body wanted sex and I couldnt stop it. I tried to fight it more but it was like my body was being controlled by something else. All my clothes came off in about 3 seconds and she instantly grabbed my dick and put it straight in her mouth She started sucking my dick now and I was moaning because it felt reallllllllyyy good, like way better than normal. She also was jerking me off and I was in another world, this is the most pleasure I've ever felt in a dream. My eyes were like rolling in my head Then I had a very intense orgasm and it was so intense it felt soooooo good. It felt better than anything in real life. The pleasure from the dream stays when I wake up and my penis is way more sensitive after I wake up. I couldnt wait to pound her pussy and return the favor but I woke up before that