My Crush?

Date: 5/27/2017

By hopey_1901

I was saying good bye to my male friend (my best friend ships me and him) and we hugged good bye and I thought he was going for a kiss but then I wasn't sure and he wasn't so it ended up on each others cheek and then, one of us said something and we then did kiss. then the dream flipped to a later time and he came up and hugged me. really tightly. my arms were around his waist because he's taller than me. the hug was intoxicating in warmth, happiness and the feeling of safeness. I experienced a pure joy I hadn't felt in such a long long time. he then started to walk me backwards while hugging and I lost balance and we fell over. some girls from my class made comments on how cute we were and that they were so happy to see I was finally happy (gotten outta toxic relationship 4 months ago) and then someone made a comment and I said 'yea, this way I can kiss him better' then the dreams skipped like 10 minutes ahead and we were sitting facing each other with out legs over each others. our foreheads we touching and I said 'will you-' and he jumped in and said yes, I'll go out with you. I was planning on asking you this weekend during our movie marathon. And I just remember giggling and hugging him and then I woke up at 6:17am and could go back to sleep.