Buying a car and also ghosts

Date: 8/18/2017

By DiarreahGirl

I was with my cousin and my grandparents and they were going to buy a new car. We were driving in a big city and it kinda looked like new York except it was only us, and I was looking at the screens on the side of a building and I saw my moms face on it and it made me really confused. So we get to the car dealership at about 12:00 am and these 2 Asian guys kept staring at me and my cousin and then laughing. And then they came up to us and said that if we wanted to smash at 8 (lol) and then I shook my head really slowly and I walked off to my grandparents and we were on this balcony and there was a metal crane thing with a magnet inside and they were showing us cars but one of the cars were invisible, and they said they wanted that one. We get back to my grandparents house and its morning now in my dream and we go to my grandparents barn and we play hide and seek. I'm the seeker and she goes to hide and I'm counting and I look up at my grandpas scare crow and I notice that the head is different. instead of a bucket, it was a girls head that was dead, and I just stare at it for what felt like 3 minutes. and then me and my cousin teleport and now were swinging on a swing that my grandparents don't have IRL on there front porch, and then I look to the left and there's a window and I see my grandpa banging on the window and his skin was rotten, and his jaw was hanging and I ask my cousin if she sees him, and she said no. and then I get up and I look at the driveway and a ghost appeared and it was heading toward me and my cousin and my cousin starts saying stuff to make it mad and I said shut up. and it got into the front porch where we was swinging and I started saying stuff to the ghost(I forgot what I said) and it started speaking a foreign language, and it sounded like French. and then 4 other ghosts appeared and I had to talk to them to make them go away and then I woke up.