Date: 6/16/2019

By SleepingStudent

So in the beginning of the dream/nightmare, I don’t remember everything, but people were being kidnapped one by one. I could see how they were kidnapped, one was a random girl working at a restaurant, she was apparently a made up friend of mine. We had been talking at a table with her and another random guy as another made up friend. The table included one of my friends from school, a random dude sitting there and a random girl who was working there and continued to sit with us and talk. The girl was kidnapped after we had left and the restaurant had closed, and she was tortured more than the rest of us. I would see how she and others were kidnapped, but my “character” I guess wouldn’t, and wouldn’t know. Then the made up guy friend was kidnapped later that night I think. The next day my friend and I were kidnapped throughout different times in the day. Then all I saw was us in a very dark room, and for some reason we were wearing old Victorian clothing. I was wearing a white pinkish dress with tons of frills and a straight skirt. The guys were both wearing suits, and the other girl was wearing a similar dress and bonnet, for some reason. We were planning our escape, meanwhile the other girl had already tried to run but was caught by the kidnapper and beaten up before being killed. I remember we were in a sort of small wooden wagon, and we were all pressed against the locked door, with a little hole to see if we could get out. Then suddenly in a brief blur I guess the guy was caught and we were free to go. It wasn’t very realistic. The next morning we went to a sort of ceremony at school for us and the girl who didn’t survive, and we were all crying and wearing black and white for some reason, though it didn’t have to be fancy, like a funeral. The ceremony was in the gym, where we had this balcony of sorts on the top, that wrapped around the whole thing. That’s where we were, they were wider in the dream than in real life. So we started walking in a line, and suddenly more people who were apparently kidnapped appeared, people I didn’t remember being there. One of my close friends was following behind me as we walked, (it was only the kidnapped people working for some reason) and we were holding hands since we were still nervous I guess. Then the line started wavering and people were walking between us, and we almost lost the line, until we made it at the end. As we were walking, we all started talking about our experiences while kidnapped. So my group was in a bigger wooden wagon that transported us, and the guy would abuse us and give us cold hard food, and apparently we weren’t allowed to use the microwave when at his house, because someone had tried asking, and something bad happened, but no one specified. The microwave was huge and oddly shaped, with the insides that looked closer to an oven. Then the others were talking but I don’t remember what they said. Then we went to the cafeteria, and the whole room and school had a more cold light, instead of the normal yellowish light. All the lighting was cold and had a slight blue tinge. As I was walking out of the gym, a friend who had graduated was there, and she hugged me and said how sorry she was that it all happened, and another different friend than all the others so far was there, waiting so we could walk to “class” together. So we sat down at a table, when everyone started talking about a test that day, which was in science, yet my 8th grade reading teacher was the one teaching it. So all the people who were kidnapped were trying to get notes, since we were obviously gone during all the studying for this test. I was thinking about how I was hopefully gonna take it tomorrow and study that night. Then we went to choir, where we were just sitting down in the band room for some reason. My eyes were raw from crying and my face was still wet, so I had my head down. Then both the choir and band teacher started talking about a project they had planned, which included this giant awkward looking Xbox kind of thing, except it was red and about as tall as a person, and was bigger on the top than the bottom. So suddenly I was at home, and I was using a version of the thing, to I guess play games. Then it took on sort of Sims 4 graphics, and there were a ton of dogs there. I adopted one, and I was all excited when my dad called me. So I got out of the game, and for some reason the dream had an underlying subtly creepy vibe, it wasn’t very obvious, but it set me on edge. My dad suddenly flipped around the setting for the thing and left, telling me dinner was almost ready. Then as I was getting up to frantically try to fix the settings, I woke up.