Pregnant Boy

Date: 3/10/2017


It's my due date, but the problem is I'm not pregnant and I don't realize that yet ( I'm a guy so it's really weird.) It starts in my English class and the annoying guy in my grade is annoying the crap out of me. He pretends to spit on my bag and I get tough with him. The teacher tells me to calm down. Then, I have to leave to rest or give birth when I'm ready. My mom drives me around. I am going to name the boy Owen, but that's my friend's boy's name so I have to find a new one. I want either Henry or Josiah. We go to the hospital. We're in the emergency room. There are Xbox, wii and DS games. I look through the games and there is a frasier, Seinfeld and minecraft games. Suddenly, I'm in a minecraft cave. I have to fight off all kinds of creatures and I gain iron and gold enchanted armor. Then, I'm back in the room. I go to ask a question privately, but dad won't leave so I can ask it. I want to know why I'm having a baby when I've never done anything with a man. Then, my old 4th grade teacher walks in a pregnant with two girls ( she has two boys in real life and is not pregnant.) Somehow I have the opportunity to ask my math teacher a question about my mom. I have reason to believe that they dated before I was born even though my mom is 16 years older than him (he's 28 and she's 44)and I'm 17. I find out they were married. I can't think and I'm trying to figure out if his kids and I are half siblings or if he's my step dad. I'm back in the hospital room and I'm asked about not being pregnant. There's another guy who's also not pregnant and is pretending to be. They accuse me of being an attention whore and faking my pregnancy even though I had no idea I wasn't.