Throw the survival pack in the river cause that's a great idea!!!

Date: 5/2/2017

By weaselpuppy

Please read until the end eventhough its long because it gets much more interesting at the end. I was doing the spire climbing competition but Dad said all the routs where extremely hard. I found them all easy though dad is a better climber than me. on the sheet we had to fill out the criteria where we had to stay at the comp. for at least 4 songs (they play songs over the speakers) and we had to fill out what the song name was and who composed it and who played it. I spent more time on the songs than on the climbing. Eventually it Got hard to list all the song criteria so we went home. At home I had to fill 3 glasses of milk and the glasses had to be exactly the same but we didn't have any tall clear glasses so I used a small blue cup a silver cup and a reusable sandwich rap (they looked the same in the dream). I remember being so flustered. As I was filling up the glasses(and sandwich rap, I don't know how that worked) my brother (Cam) comes along and he tips up the milk so the glasses overflow and aren't the same. I tell my mom and she says that I made a huge mess and that I have to clean it up and that cam did nothing wrong. I was so mad I was infuriated. Then we went back to spire and finished filling out the form, we cheated though and looked up the songs. The strange thing is that we looked up the songs in a sloped carpeted attic at spire but spire doesn't have one of those. I had a dream once about spire having the same attic. The second part of the dream is in a jungle. My class gets of an old bus we are in the Amazon or something and Campbell is reading out loud the book in his survival pack while the teacher is talking so she takes his survival kit and throws it into the river. Then all the other kids who have survival packs throw them in the water. Then Kellen decides it was a good idea to throw himself in the river, so he does. Then one of the teachers dives in (it was a beautiful dive, purfectly exicuted) to retrieve the kits. She said something about littering. After the episode with the survival packs we go to the cabins (1 for the girls and 1 for the boys) and pick out the beds Alexis, Prairie and Mary get to the cabin first because their luggage was lighter and they get the full sized beds. The rest of us (Bella and someone who I don't remember) get 3 foot long beds balanced precariously on top of one another that have the worst matrices and had holes in the 1 sheet we got. It was a 2 room cabin and the cabins weren't conected but I could hear Kellen though the wall even though he was in the other cabin. Then Prairie, Alexis and Mary come into our room and are like you have small beds? That's to bad for you and I was really mad because they where the shortest people and would fit in the small beds better than we would so they traded with us (Mary got to stay in the long bed cause she is taller and Bella had to stay in the short bed cause she is shorter) I felt really bad for Bella but then I woke up.