Date: 2/26/2019

By snaketongue

at first i was with my family (my mothers side) we were all having a party with pizza for dinner afterward i put a skateboard in the dishwasher later i went to this town that was packed with people i was given stilts to walk with but as i was walking down this street people were attacking me because i was wearing the stilts later there was a huge sense of urgency i didn’t know why but the street got much more crowded there were piles of pink goldfish and everyone was forced to lie down on top of each other later i found out that force was satan who looked like a giant red monster with broad shoulders he then made it clear to us that everyone will die soon many of us fled past him across a bridge but as i was on the bridge he lit the bridge on fire luckily as he did that i could dive into the river underneath i later was able to escape up a mossy and covered with flowers tree with some friends were we all came to the conclusion that satan was too powerful and we will all die no matter what