hidden realm

Date: 6/27/2017

By skylaralexis

my relatives (and some strangers) and i were having a party in this big room. we all sat in groups at tables, like at a wedding, yet there seemed to be no occasion for this party. suddenly, a short chain link fence appeared in the corner of the room. me and cady and someone else noticed a few sad-looking children behind it, and they held out their hands as if asking for food. more of them kept appearing. we brought them our bread, but they asked what it was. i think one of them said, "this is food?" we didn't know it, but they actually wanted to eat us. they starting climbing over the fence and running at us, growling like zombies. everyone else at the party started noticing them and running away screaming. soon the room was almost empty, and it was darker. i ran through a dark doorway that wasn't there earlier....suddenly the room was flooded. there was a bridge across the back wall that i was standing on. some of my cousins and my sister were standing with me, and i could see some of those children from before and some older people at the other side of the bridge, looking at us and talking. it seemed the kids were getting scolded for chasing us. a boy that looked around my age walked over. he looked like the leader. he came directly to me and examined me. then i heard moaning, and we both looked to where he had been standing. tall zombie-like creatures were coming this way. he picked me up in his arms, and said that we have to go now. he ran to the end of the bridge, and down into some other safer place. i don't know what happened to the rest of my family. the boy took care of me and made me stay always by his side. he never let anything bad happen to me. one day, he said there were some bad people coming. we were all crouched being a ledge, they had their weapons ready, and i saw some guys come running up to us. they were in a group/clan like we were, but a little older, around mid-late 20's. their leader guy said to our guy that he could see us and he was gonna get us. my guy told him that we saw those creatures before and that they were going to attack. together, both leaders decide to call a truce and fight the zombies. they won, and everything was safe again. my guy, who had stuck with me the whole time, said he had been in love with me since he first saw me. i had fallen in love with him too, and i decided to stay in this strange realm with him because i could never bring myself to leave. he showed his love and i knew it was true, and he promised to never eat me even though humans are what they were used to eating. we acted as husband and wife, and we were happy forever.