Woo me with your snoop dogg memes

Date: 8/3/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was riding around in some sort of car with my dream-dad (not rl dad) and we're on some road in he middle of nowhere. There's a guy on a motorcycle a ways in front of us, and eventually we catch up to him. His bike has regular bicycle handles, and there's water dripping out of one of the handles. We'd seen him pull over earlier to fix something on his bike, so when he stops again, we pull up next to him to see if he needs help. He is a college aged kid with unkempt hair, a messenger bag, and not wearing any shoes. "Oh it's nothing, just a small leak," he says "You sure you don't want me to take a look at it?" dream dad asks. "I know a lot about cars and such." The kid waves him off. "No, it just smells like such and such(can't remember what) and a little bit of sulfur." My dream dad is suddenly very serious. "You get off that bike right now." Kid gets all defensive. "Really it's fine, I'm just gonna drive it into town and then I'll get it checked out. I'm sure it's fine." My dream dad is acting like the thing is going to blow up any second and eventually convinces the kid to pull off the road. He gets off and my dream dad is working on it or whatever, and asking him questions. We find out that the dude is majoring in Hebrew, but gets really offended if you call it Greek or something. He was really arrogant and annoying, and quite pretentious about everything. Some more mechanic people show up, and barefooted dude goes off into the forest. I'm bored, so I say I'm going to go after him, make sure he doesn't run away. (He seemed pretty airheaded so it didn't seem out of the realm of possibilities) I climb up this little forest road and see him off in some trees, peeing. I'd kinda figured that's what he was leaving to do, so I just kept walking as though I hadn't noticed. He hears me walking on the road and starts freaking out asking why the heck I would follow him. I roll my eyes because he's being such a drama queen. The road comes to a dead end overlooking a valley so decide to take a seat on the ground. Barefooted goob eventually comes and joins me at the dead end and is talking about anything and everything. Won't shut up at all. For some reason I am super melancholy, and lost in thought, just kind of staring at the ground. After a bit, he notices and asks me about it. I say something about being really sad for a long time and not being able to get rid of it or something. He then shows me a meme, which is words that have been really zoomed in, so you just see a few blurry letters of each word. I read it and piece together the letters that say "you're just not trying hard enough" "Thanks, asshole," I say as I storm off. He is confused, looks down, and realizes that there are two ways of reading it and I'd read the wrong one. "No! No that isn't what I meant!" He says running after me. If you read the meme the other way it says "Willy Willy wifi" which apparently had something to do with snoop dogg. "It's exactly what you meant," I answer, still not turning around. He grabs my arm and whirls me around, pulling me into a sudden, unexpected and very long kiss. "It's really not what I meant," he says as we pull away. "I see..." Dude was so annoying and not even attractive, but he was a good kisser, I'll give him that...