Counseling a Parent

Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I had to speak with one if my children's  parents about poor behavior earlier that day at daycare. The dad hit the kid on the top of his head pretty hard, then continued to talk with me. Throughout  the dream the dad and I talk about the balance between disciple and love. Having both is very important. He seemed to understand. But then I someone told me that once the dad had walked into the middle of the kids class at school, made him pull his pants down and spanked him in front of the whole class. Then I saw his dad touch him on the arm and the kid flinch and pulled away, which my just made dad angry. I asked if I could speak to  him privately (I wanted to talk with him about christ and see it he really was a christ follower as he claimed to be, because his actions, to me, did not line up with his faith. He had a temper.). I we went through the daycare hall and through some rooms until we got to a humongous  sanctuary in progress of being remodeled.  We tried to take a seat in some of the chairs but as soon. as we began talking someone came and had to move the chairs, so we found a crowded storage room with some chairs, left the door open so it would be more appropriate  and so his wife could find him easily. I talked about my own experience with love and discipline  and how it can be tricky to find a balance, but he didn't seem to be too concerned and knew everything I was telling him. I didn't feel like I was getting through to him. Suddenly his wife appears.