A Scorpion and playing a computer game

Date: 8/9/2017

By awalker406

I was in a office, talking to my mum about something. She looked like she didn't want to be bothered, so I walked out the office into a open green field. Some of my clothes were scattered around the field, so I went round to pick them all up. I notice that on some of my clothes had weird writing and symbols all over them. I collected my clothes and put them in a suitcase. Then the field started to flood and turned into a swimming pool. My suitcase was sunk to the bottom. I try to pull it up but it was so heavy, I had to leave it. I started to gasp for air, as I was trying to get to the surface. As soon as I reach the surface, Ava jumps at me and I automatically catch her. As I do, she disappears. I get out of the pool and get a shower. As I was having a shower, the water turned into sand and the landscape changed into a Desert. It's blazing hot. Suddenly, mark (a guy would used to work for me and sadly pass away early this year) appeared from nowhere. He was sat on a stood, wearing his work overalls on, he just looked at me smiling with a cheeky laugh. I try to talk to him but he didn't say a word but gave me a coin and a sliver ring. My mum reappeared with a scorpion in her hand. "What the hell you doing with that?" I questioned. She puts the critter on the ground and it comes towards me and attacks me. "Why are you doing this?" I said, dodging each strike that was attempted towards me. But at a moment where I miss timed my move, the scorpion got me, injecting it's venom inside me. I collapsed to the ground with a thud into the sand. I could see Ava putting a egg in the sand, whilst she was sing her "sand egg" song and covering in sand. I was paralysed and couldn't move. A group of my closest friends and family, just watched me in disgust. They started to talk between themselves "What a loser! Glad he's finally out of my life" they said. Then they all turned their backs away from me and began to walk away, as I being consumed by the desert whilst held a coin and sliver ring in my hand Next scene: I play a game on the pc with some friends and said we would Rendezvous at a ponit. The front door bell goes and I open the door. It's scott in some military gear. "Here, I picked up this stuff along the way" he said. I got changed and put this military gear on then we went off to hit in a middle of the field. There we met up with lee and Rory, who are also kitted out. "Right we need to go there before anyone else captures it" Rory says. We all agree and off we go. We stealth our way in there with no problem and end up in the back of someone's garden. "Right we need to clean this house and camp in there" scott said. We enter this house and start clearing the house. "All clear!" Someone said. We took our defensive position and waited. Suddenly out of the blue, lee's missus appears and says "Are you going to get off that computer and come to bed with me? You spend more time with them that me!". "Sorry guys, I better go" lee said. Rory didn't do nothing and just disappear. "He's computer crash" scott says. "Think I'm going to call it a night then" I said. Then suddenly as we're about to walk out of this house, a whole family turned up and ask "what the bloody hell are you doing in our house?" Scott disappear, nowhere to be seen, just leave me with this family who was questioning me. "O great. Thanks guys!" I thought to myself.