Date: 3/17/2019

By LiLi

So in the dream I’d just got done smoking with my uncles && I was walking to my grandmas house, and I was extremely happy for some reason. I can’t remember if I was talking on the phone or if I was talking to myself geeked asf. But anyways, parked literally in front of my granny’s house was like a black pick up truck and a white man in the passenger seat looking at something. I don’t remember how he took me but he did. When he took me to his home I wasn’t restrained or anything, I wasn’t even scared, I think I remember being first a little concerned and thinking ‘fuck I have to get out of here’ I got in the shower and I don’t remember why. But then my dream cut to me being with what looked like to be his child, but it most definitely wasn’t mine, I had multiple chances to get away but I didn’t.