Death and Life

Date: 3/25/2017

By IFatBabyI

Their was this attack somewhere in Arizona. I fought the attack for three days and then finally woke up from my dream. The attack occurred because some disease or something changed the thought of people. They would become crazy and homicidal. But you didn't know who the bad guy was. I tried giving people a heads up about the attack but no one would listen. But Everytime I would die, everything would reset then I would come back to life. Everytime I would start the dream close to the building where everything would occur. Everyday I killed about 10 people, ranging from enemy's to people I thought was gonna shoot me. Then every night I would die by gunshot. When I was dead I lost all feeling to my body but my mind was still going. I could hear people talking as well then the next day I would come back to life.