sex trade

Date: 5/15/2017


I was working in a sex trade, this old man was in charge and he was pretty gross, we had to perform shows, the shows in the dreAm were never that vivid, but I remember who attended and many people were from my high school. the reason I was doing it was because I was between Jon's, but this other girl said she was intending on doing it for the next ten years. the guy wanted me to have a baby with him, but I told him I was only gonna have my first baby with someone else in 10 years. the women was like well wait 10 years and after your first baby have your second with him. I told her there was b I way I would be working there for another 10 years. it started here I was in a hotel with my mum and her friends, I think it was meant to be a nice holiday but then things changed.