Please help interpret the meaning😁

Date: 3/23/2019

By hannahmackay

So my dream starts out with me going to my dads house. Which is weird because I never really talk to him, and also I moved to Louisiana from California about 2 years ago. (Yes he still lives in Cali and I have had a stepdad for about 7 years) I don’t remember much about this part; but I do remember that when I was playing outside in the snow with my step siblings, something really weird looking bit me really hard on my hand. Nothing happened but it hurt really bad. (Which has a weird relation to when I had gotten my finger bit by my dads dog and had to get stitches.) Then the next part of my dream jumped to when I was at sixflags or some smallish amusement park. In the beginning I was with my old friends from California. We went on this like net climbing area. Then after we sat and ate a little. (This next part is when it starts to get a weird.) My crush from 3rd grade started laying on me, and putting his feet on me. I started to feel really uncomfortable. All the sudden they disappear and my current friends are here. (Except one person that I kind of don’t talk to anymore.) So we start going on rides, and decide to go on this really cool Farris wheel. It was my best friend Emma, Tam and the girl I don’t talk to anymore. (btw we had a little falling out because she made bad choices that I didn’t really agree with.) So we are on this really cool Farris wheel that has “2 floors”. Which means you ride in these inclose box cars and spin like on a normal Farris wheel, but you get to another platform and it becomes one on those types of Farris wheels that two people ride. So we got done on the first section and started to get onto the second. While we were getting buckled in we started talking about this boy that I really miss. (in real life I really do miss him, I moved away from that neighborhood, and we don’t talk that much anymore, but I really miss him all the time. I don’t know if this matters but he has a twin as well and I miss them both, and they don’t live that far from where I am now.) So as we started moving the slightest bit the whole thing starts to break. It starts falling and the lady’s are yelling “FEET FIRST SO YOU DONT HURT YOURSELFS.” We somehow get down safely somehow, and I don’t remember much what happened between these to parts but , the Farris wheel is all put together again and we decided to ride it a second time. (Like nothing happened.) As we where on the Farris Wheel we saw them. (then being the twins.) We try to get off as fast as we can to catch up to them. We can see them far away going down this “street” at the park. We followed them until we got to this really dark “ally way sort of thing.” It was so dark and filled with people that we couldn’t really see anyone unless they where close. Some how I see them and for some reason I don’t talk to them. I just look at them and talk to my friends about them. I tell them how much I miss them, and how “cute” they are. I only say one sentence to them (but I don’t remember what it was.) They said a couple things to me and started to walk away. Then the turned around and started signaling that all of us follow them. We tried to but lost them. We tried to go out a back way thinking it would make us catch up to them faster. (This part is really weird) we tried opening this door at the bottom of the “alley” and all the sudden we hear “Chuckys voice.” (yes I know weird) He was saying all kinds of crazy things. I don’t particularly remember what he was saying but he was laughing really loud and yelling. We managed to get the door closed. But I then had to go to the bathroom really badly. So I went to the bathroom in the “alley” but of course chucky was there. I got sucked in and couldn’t get out. He was commanding me to do things (don’t know what he was commanding) and laughing really loudly agian. Then right then and there I woke up. And now I am writing this. I don’t know if this matters but I have been dreaming about the twins for about 2 to 3 days this week and I also woke up this morning and my teeth hurt. So, if anyone can tell me anything about this dream THANK YOU!