Invasion and earthquakes

Date: 7/30/2017

By dixsilence

I was walking on the street, nothing serious until I find myself between two gangs. One was the good one, and the other the cheaters. They all were mutants and started to have a fight. The good one were winning until one used wolverine style claws. They started killing everyone while shooting.millions of knives into the sky. They also had people with magnetic powers so the knives were flying at high speed killing people. ALSO they had hundreds of satellites in the sky to coordinate the attack so basically this was an invasion. I had to run and hide while I picked up a girl from highschool to save her. We got under a bridge, it was very dark and moist. At the other side we got to a place where some other people like us could be safe. There were a lot of children and young people. A friend of mine was there gladly, we started to talk but we got attacked again. The dream changes, I'm with my ex in some hotel. She had a friend with her who was my gf I think. I needed to go to the bathroom but we were inside the bathroom and they started to get excited. I couldn't join because I really needed to use the bathroom. Final dream. I was at Valparaíso, a port city of my country. The ground was shaking like crazy, so we went up hill because it was obvious that a tsunami was going to occur. We made it to the tallest hill. It was a church and a couple of houses, the ground was covered with green grass and flowers. I watched the bay from the distance and I noticed a shockwave from another earthquake. A couple of second after we got hit by the shockwave and everything started to move violently. It was really scary because the movement was by meters. We escaped but the tsunami hit us, it was literally a slow wall of water. The car went underwater trying to surpass the wave and I woke up. I always dream about earthquakes and tsunamis 😥