Date: 4/10/2017

By hxnnahdixon

I was walking through town with my mum and sister, when I pulled out a gun and shot myself through the head. I instantly collapsed to my knees, holding my hands on the concrete in front of me for support. It didn't hurt when the bullet went through; it felt more like a vibration, and though I felt something, it wasn't painful. I desperately tried looking up, determined to stay alive, despite the fact I had just shot myself through the head. Even though I knew that I would wake up alive and well, I was afraid that I would wake up dead. My eyes welled up with tears, blood pouring out of my mouth and head, creating a pool of crimson around where I knelt on the floor. I tried keeping my eyes open to not die, but, almost as if it was just tiredness, each time I closed my eyes it became harder to open them again until it had become impossible, and I had to accept dying. I looked to my right where my sister and mother were stood and spluttered through the blood, 'thank you'. I shut my eyes for the last time and layed my head on the ground.

AI generated interpretation Dreams about death can be quite distressing, but they often symbolize a desire for transformation or a fear of change. The fact that you shot yourself in the dream suggests that there may be a sense of self-destructiveness or self-sabotage present in your waking life. This could be related to a fear of failure or a need for control over your own destiny. The lack of pain and the sensation of vibration when the bullet went through your head may indicate a disconnect between your conscious self and your subconscious desires or fears. The presence of blood could symbolize feelings of guilt or regret, while the tears suggest an emotional release or purging of pent-up emotions. The struggle to stay alive in the dream despite knowing that you would wake up alive and well reflects a fear of the unknown or a reluctance to face difficult realities in your waking life. The gratitude expressed towards your sister and mother may indicate a need for support and connection during challenging times. Overall, this dream may be prompting you to examine your inner conflicts, fears, and desires in order to confront and resolve any underlying issues that may be causing distress or anxiety in your waking life. It could be beneficial to explore these thoughts and emotions further in order to gain deeper insight into yourself and your current circumstances.