Bloody Legs

Date: 5/16/2017

By RobTheTank

I was at my rental house trying to solve a complex problem. Something about space travel & faster than light travel. I was working hard on the problem when my roommate arrived & told me he was hosting a party. He needed my power tools do build something for the party. I stopped working on discovering new laws of physics & got my DeWalt batteries & power tools for him. For some reason the batteries weren't fitting into my tools so I had to rebuild my tools themselves. I managed to get my tools fully functional again & I handed them to him. Then I got back to work on the faster than light problem. Almost immediately my roommate's friend showed up for the party. My roommate & him started talking about how much fun they were going to have. Then they both wanted my full attention. I told them I was busy & they started telling me how I need to loosen up / get ready for the party / stop working so hard & being uptight. I humored him for a bit nut then felt intense dull pain in my lower left back just above the hip. More guests started arriving & I told everyone that I was in a lot of pain & really couldn't participate in any party activities. Besides, I had work to do. My roommate finished building what he had to build (with my power tools, mind you) & then started chewing me out again for not being part of the party. I told him I'm leaving. I left through the front door & could hear them loudly eating chips & laughing inside. In my dream there was a bus stop literally right in front of the house, about five feet from the bottom of the steps outside the front door. Other people started showing up to wait for their respective busses. I was still in a lot of pain in my lower back & a few of the passengers said I didn't look so good. I just said, "Don't worry about it. Then my left hip gave out & I collapsed on the pavement. My nice dress pant legs were completely ripped open & my legs were instantly covered in blood & bruises. While dripping blood everywhere I said, "Those were $300 pants!" Then I woke up & I actually said, "It IS a lot like that."