dna aliens

Date: 6/4/2017

By Squids

i had a dream last night that was supposed to be a movie but was also actively happening to me? an old friend of mine (who was very intelligent) and i were roommates. i remember at one point he was gone and part of his computer was heavily password protected, parts of which seemed to be documents and it seemed odd. i brushed it off and went on a date, and after that i went out with some friends and we did gourmet jello shots???? a guy followed me back to my apartment trying to talk to me and i was tying to tell him i was gay. he didn't seem malicious but while i assumed he was trying to chat me up, it seemed like he was trying to talk about something else that seemed more important to him and kind of dire. the next day i got a letter saying that i had been chosen to participate in some testing (i think i assumed like medical trials and studies and things like that) and went in. i sat down to do some paperwork and one of the doctors grabbed me and injected me with something. i started to feel weird and could see my vision changing and was warping to see things id never seen before. she explained that my friend's dad was one of the leads on the project and had been monitoring me through my roommate for months. i went to go see the department leads about the project. one was my friends dad, the other was siggourney weaver. the told me it was about a group of aliens who came to earth and were also responsible for creating life here, and had the power to examine the dna of organisms and change them at will. they gave me those powers so i could learn to do the same to combat them. at one point i think my cat was one of them and i watched them morph their appearance at will to become whatever they wanted (the morphing almost looked like something out of akira). they got loose at the facility one day when i went in and i was running around terrified trying to get away. i went out and tried warn people but no one would listen to me.