2 Horrible nightmares | House being Robbed and girl being kissed by random guy.

Date: 2/19/2017

By richilye

In fact, it was 3 dreams, but I forgot the first one. 1st. I was in my room, when I heard someone on the backyard, I went to check and then a guy appeared and started robbing my house, I was in shock for some seconds trying to understand what happened, I did something that triggered him to run away. He ran to the front door and robbed the car, there was another guy there, I tried to grab the car, for some reason I was able to take hold of the back and lift it a bit, he couldn't run, but then he started spinning the front of the car, and then my hands slipped of the bumper and he escaped. (It was way worse than what I remember and wrote) 2nd. I forgot how it all started, but I was in a Japanese High School, we were graduating to go to college, and the teacher evaluated our tests and I got the best college in the region and also a paycheck worth a lot of money (dunno how much), but was enough to make the rest of my life easy. Also, I was an illegal transfered student, but no one knew about it. Then there was this girl, blonde, and a bit fat, she was really important to me (she never appeared in my dreams before), her name was Jen (Keeping her name short, 'cos of privacy, so no one will know the name), apparent it was the same Jen that I know in real life, but far as I know she doesn't look like that, no her hair is that color, as far as she told me. It was some sort of goodbye/graduation party that the school prepared in the docks, we were going to our new college by boat, I was gonna take the same boat as Jen, as I waited in the pier, I saw a guy approaching her and kissing her, afterwards everything just felt empty, the boat arrived and he took her there, she gave him a hug and embarked, I was standing there just watching, Then I thought to myself that I didn't want any of that anymore, I wanted that they would find out that I was illegally transfered, I gave up on everything, the feeling was horrible. Then the school found out that I was illegally transfered, and so the dream ended...