The Full moon the Blue moon

Date: 2/8/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I was in the middle of the forest and I look around and I try to figure it out. I look up and I see the moon but it has a slight hint of Blue in it. I start to walk around the first And I Just keep walking around until I come out into a open field and I hear a howl from a wolf and I start to panic and I see bright yellow eyes and they come out of the woods. A whole pack of wolves is surrounding me my whole body numb and I fall into my knees and when I look up I see a male wolf 🐺 coming up to me and he smells me and I hold my breath so he can not smell my fear than when I look up all the wolves are around me. The male wolf looks at me and his eyes are soft like I know he is not going to hurt me. Than I get up slowly not to scar them and they start to walk away and I follow them into three cave it's a huge cave on the side of the mountain. Than I walk in the wolves start change to human form and the male wolf who I smelled me walks over to me his bright yellow eyes turn into a deep ocean blue "Hello my name is Nick what is yours?" He smiles "my name is Breanna" he smiles and takes my hand welcome to the pack your one of us now Than I woke up