Almost lesbian sex with a very gory (dead) childbirth

Date: 3/25/2017

By SoCheezy

The dream began with me visiting my grandmother's neighbor. She was a girl my age, very beautiful. In my dream I started to develop strong sexual feelings toward her. She reciprocated. We walked around her house, flirting with one another, I was hoping she would get the hint that I wanted her, which is funny, considering I've only been with men. When we walked outside, I was no longer in my grandmother's neighborhood, now I was in my own. I walked to my next door neighbor with her, we laughed out loud, because I called my neighbor a "CUNT" . Somehow I wind up at my house, I made out with a wall. LOL. Then I went into my bathroom for a bath, as I sank in the tub, I noticed a mirror in front of me between my legs. I noticed my genitals were crowning as one does in childbirth, I felt no pain until I tried to pull the fetus out, by its umbilical cord. When I did the fetus was dead. But the umbilical cord was still attached to something, maybe my organs. I remember that hurt. And then I woke up.