Crazy murder man

Date: 5/12/2019

By justADreamyKitten

Crazy murder man. So in they'd story there is some kind of crazy psycho path that is trying to kill everyone first i am at my house, and a man breaks in and kills someone in front my. I don't know why I survived but for some reason I did. Just the next night there was someone in a van trying to break open or for. I his in this laundry room with a window, and she a while the people being in left. Suddenly someone was thrown through the window and on top of me. They were dead. I don't remember the test but I know I had at least 2 other encounters with this killer, but somehow I didn't end up doing. It was wired before after all the events ended, i went to make a sandwich and there was pre permit buttered bread. Sometime in the middle I met this girl Sydney, an we were both really scared we we're gonna die.