The “Space Orbs”

Date: 5/28/2019

By Zeedy1015

I had this dream about 2 hours ago, so it won’t be crystal clear. The first thing I remember happening in the dream was that I was getting sent to this space camp where you literally fly around in space and go to other planets. The first time we travelled, we flew in space in these weird orbs which were actually pretty cool to ride in. When we landed on the other planet, I think we had lunch or something, and all of the people at the space camp got in their orbs again to go to a different place. Mine was having trouble following this “pod” that is supposed to direct the orbs so you don’t have to drive. The glass on the outside also wouldn’t go down fully. That’s when I started to drift out of the dream and think that it might all be fake, but I woke up before going lucid or anything.