Watching a bad movie with my mom

Date: 5/26/2017

By TwentieToo

I was in a trailer house, one that I've dreamt about multiple times, living with my mom and this guy named Alfie. It was nighttime and we were in bed. At first I was sharing a bed with Alfie, but then he turned into my mom. My mom was laughing loudly and was watching a movie on her tablet. She got up and put it on the tv then went back to watching her tablet. I sat up thinking, what the hell did you turn the tv on for, I'm trying to sleep. I was trying to contain myself and asked her if we could just watch it on the tv. (Even though I just wanted to sleep and it was already on the tv, I dunno why I was asking that) She said no, and that it was also a bad movie and I couldn't watch it. Again I was bewildered, and I said, "I'm almost an adult and I've already watched that movie anyways." She said no. Then a dick came on the tv and she started talking about it. "Did you know that this guy has a really big dick?" I looked at it. Thought it looked very small and wondered what the hell was wrong with my mom. Then the dream ended. The next dream was of a dude wearing these weird ass glasses. Like the ones you wear when you get a spray tan. I think? Anyways he found this trail leading into the woods and decided to follow it. He found a bunch of furniture made out of logs. It was like a home almost. He kept following the trail and kept finding furniture. He saw a tree that walked up to a couch and then stopped in front of it. He thought maybe the tree was a butler. He kept going. He then found a normal house with a normal car. He assumed that the person who lived here built all of the furniture. He kept on walking along the trail when it led him along to a gate by a road. He opened the gate when a strange guy appeared outside the house and said, "Hello!" The strange guy was wearing the same glasses as the original dude. Then it ended. Had another dream where I was in this room with about ten other people. There was a kitchen and a living room space. We hung out I guess and at the end, I really really wanted a water bottle that was in the fridge. But I was too shy to ask if I could take one. And I was standing there at the fridge trying to decide if I should just go ask or maybe just take one without asking. I was taking a while and my dad, he had came to pick me up, was getting annoyed and wanted to go. That was the end. Next dream was of two homeless girls sitting under an abandoned house's porch. It was raining heavily and even the porch couldn't keep them dry, since the porch was old and falling apart anyways. The rain ended and it became very hot. The first girl told the second girl that she built a water purifier out of scraps and showed it to her, and looked if there was water and if it even worked. There wasn't very much, but the girls were grateful and decided to drink it. The end.