Don’t rock the kayak

Date: 4/3/2019

By gabriel4031

„Jürgen! Jürgen! Jürgen!“ I hear myself say several times. It wakes me a little, but my mind returns to the dream. I see only still water and vegetation. But I know what is going on. Im in a kayak with Jürgen, and he’s being reckless. I’m not truly afraid. I actually feel safe. Yet, I can’t stop saying his name. I hear no words, but I know what he thinks. „Don’t worry, if you fall out, I know how to swim and will save you.“ I don’t like how casual it feels. Almost flippant. What if I take him down with me as he tries to save my life? He doesn’t seem fazed. I hear myself start saying his name repeatedly again. This time, I wake up, and I stay awake. I feel so incredibly groggy.